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Agents...Earn Money Referring Clients for Property Management

When you have listings that are not selling, or absentee owners out of state, or investors looking for a good property manager, refer them to us and get paid!

Our Realtor® Referral Promise

Most real estate firms concentrate on brokerage, and if they do property management, it's usually a secondary concentration. At Asset Protection Property Management, our only focus is property management. As property management specialists we focus on management and it is never our goal to help your client buy or sell. That’s your job!

Many of our clients are referred by Realtors wanting their investment clients to be well represented after the sale. At the close, Realtors want to recommend a property manager that will reflect well upon them and deliver quality service at a reasonable price.

Being able to "hand off" property management to a competent company makes all the difference in the world since the likelihood of future purchases depends on professional property management, and thus a positive ownership experience. Or, put another way, the better the property manager, the greater the odds are that more real estate property will be purchased.

Our on-going promise to all real estate agents is that we will honor their referrals for property management by redirecting our clients back to them when their client decides to sell or make additional purchases. Honoring the Realtor/client relationship is central to our success. Let us serve your referrals with competent and professional property management. Asset Protection Property Management is your safe and prudent property manager referral choice.

Think of us just as you would a mortgage broker, real estate attorney or inspector in referring services that benefit your relationship with your client overall. Our goal is to maintain the property and provide the best possible support to your client and smoothly transition them back to you once they are ready to sell.

Our Pledge to Realtors®

  • We will contact the client within 24 hours of receiving the referral
  • We will provide an honest, comprehensive market analysis
  • We will thoroughly discuss our management program and work to establish realistic expectations
  • We will disclose all costs involved up front
  • We will maintain open communication with all clients to help them realize their goals and satisfy their needs
  • We will refer the client back to you or your designated brokerage if and when they decide to sell the property
  • We will treat our mutual clients with the utmost respect and give them the care, diligence, and attention they deserve

Our Realtor® Referral Program Goals

  • Provide a complete solution for your clients – whether your client has purchased an investment property that needs managing, or they simply need to rent their home until market conditions are more favorable, we provide the complete solution and remove the hassle of self management.
  • Create additional broker income – successful referrals will earn the broker $100 per door. For example, if your client has a 10-unit apartment building, you would earn $1,000! There are no limits to how much you can earn!
  • Ensure re-listing to referring broker – we document and track referring brokers so that the owners are referred back to the original broker when they are ready to sell.

Our Philosophy and Approach are Simple!

Asset Protection Property Management LLC offers the complete solution from start to finish to individuals who seek to build financial security through property ownership. We will care for your client’s property as our own, making their real estate ownership a rewarding, worry free experience. We specialize in the management of apartment complexes, multi-units, duplexes, town homes, condos, single-family homes, and commercial properties. Our goal is to eliminate the hassle and reduce the risk of owning an investment property.

How do I get paid?

When your clients need assistance in leasing and/or managing their property, we offer a referral of $100 per door. An example would be a client that has a residential four-plex, when they sign with Asset Protection for management services, we will send you a $400 check!

But don’t worry; if that owner should decide to sell in the future, we will let you know of the owner’s intentions. Our goal is to bring the original agent back to the client to continue where they left off. Asset Protection Property Management is a Property Management firm exclusively. This means we will never compete for your clients. Don’t risk losing your listing to a full-service firm that both manages and sells real estate.

How Do I Send My Clients To You?

When your client is interested in property management services, give them our contact information so they can call or email us. Then, be sure to send us an email with their name and contact information as well, so that when Asset Protection is able to make a connection, we will know who sent the client to us. If we sign them up for management services, we will send you a check within 30 days.

Call 971-599-1440. Or send an email to

We Buy Management Accounts

Many real estate brokers manage rentals because they feel they must in order to provide full service to their customers. Rental management is a very complex legal operation and can distract an agent from doing what they do best…selling! We can purchase your real estate agency’s portfolio. We have the forms, plan, and financial resources to make the transition effortless.

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